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Here’s what to expect during your wax service: ​

1) Teeshah will introduce herself and will take you to the wax room. Once there she will;

        a. Describe your service step by step

        b. Confirm that you’re booked for the correct service

        c. Answer any questions you may have.

        d. If you’re booked for a bikini or Brazilian or any other kind of genital waxing            Teeshah will ask if you have any special requirements and how you’d like her              to refer to your genitals.

2) Depending on your service, you may be asked to disrobe. There is a hook for your clothes beside the mirror. Teeshah will tell you exactly what garments to remove or leave on and how to get under the sheets on the waxing table. Then she’ll leave the room and give you a few minutes to get ready. Before she re-enters the room she’ll knock on the door.

3) Waxing different areas of the body is fairly similar, warm wax is spread with a single use wooden stick in a thin layer on your skin. While it is still warm a fabric strip is applied to the wax and quickly pulled off. It’s common to feel discomfort but Teeshah will work quickly and expertly to minimize it. After the wax strip has been removed its common to apply pressure with a hand to reduce inflammation. While waxing armpits or genitals (or any area with looser skin) Teeshah may ask for your assistance to pull your skin tight. She’ll direct you verbally. Depending on your body and the area that is being waxed, you may be asked to move your body, turn on the table, lift your limbs et cetera to allow Teeshah to remove all the hair you’d like removed. If the area to be waxed has any oil or moisture, a thin layer of talcum powder may be applied to ensure the efficacy of the wax.

4) At the end of your service, Teeshah may pluck stray or short hairs with a pair of sanitized tweezers.

5) When your service is finished, Teeshah will let you know to get dressed and meet her up at the front desk. Please make sure to take all your belongings.

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